An estate is everything you own. It includes valuable items, such as your home, bank accounts and retirement plans. It also includes personal items, such as furniture, collectables, and household items.

Estate Planning

Managing your personal estate is the one of the most important planning of your life. It ensures your final wishes are preserved and followed upon your passing. It can also manage your assets and finances during your life, as well as your wishes for end-of-life care in the event you become incapacitated.

Estate planning includes much more than a last will and testament. Creating trusts, devising a plan to mitigate or avoid taxes, ensuring your life’s savings and assets are protected from beneficiaries’ creditors, and setting up power of attorney and health care directives in the event you become incapable, are all complex matters.

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Providing You With Peace of Mind

Planning for

Your future

• Writing Your Last Will & Testament
• Creating Your Trust
• Streamlining the Probate Process
• Designing Your Living Will
• Selecting a Power of Attorney